Torq Hypotonic Lemon

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A Hypotonic solution represents the fastest possible way to hydrate

  • TORQ Hypotonic is formulated with 2:1 Glucose:Fructose derivatives
  • TORQ Hypotonic contains no artificial sweeteners
  • TORQ Hypotonic contains no added colours or preservatives
  • TORQ Hypotonic will hydrate you significantly faster than an electrolyte tablet
  • TORQ Hypotonic contains some fuel to delay fatigue (15g Carbs - 0.5 TORQ Units)*

A Hypotonic solution represents the fastest possible way to hydrate: In situations where perspiration rates are extremely high over short periods of exercise (up to 60 minutes), including indoor turbo, gym interval sessions, spinning classes and short competitions in extreme heat, hydrating with TORQ Hypotonic will deliver superior performance over any other fuelling/hydrating strategy.

*TORQ Hypotonic does NOT represent a significant fuel source and needs to be used in conjunction with the TORQ Fuelling System for optimal performances during events/sessions lasting longer than 45-60 minutes.

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